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Wellness Offerings

Ondalinda invites you to indulge and explore our menu of wellness offerings. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities designed to relax the mind and elevate the soul.


We are pleased to offer complimentary morning and afternoon yoga classes with some of our favorite teachers from around the world. Each class is offered in a different style - with some meant to energize and stimulate while others are meant to relax and ground.


Cacao ceremonies are known to be amongst the oldest holistic healing practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. Cacao is used to guide you into an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body, with a long-standing history of opening the heart and boosting the mood, this experience provides an overall feeling of happiness and contentment with each sip.


One of Mexico's most traditional and spiritual ceremonies - the Temazcal is a sweat lodge experience that has been used for centuries to heal, relax, and cleanse both the body and the soul. When we enter it produces a profound action, purifying us from within. The Temazcal revitalizes our vital energies and awakens us to a higher level of consciousness. Through song, prayers and intention you will experience a moment of reflection, silence, healing, transformation and gratitude, honoring the Sacred in a therapeutic and ceremonial ritual. The Temazcal with a mud sensorial experience. Connect with the earth through the touch of your skin with the mud. The smells, tastes and sounds that you are going to experience are an invitation to go within and connect with your deeper self. We welcome you to step into this unique awakening.


Circulo de Palabra with Mambe & Ambil is a ritual originated from indigenous cosmology, with the purpose of searching for human knowledge. It is based on the ancient mythical idea of the "beautiful thought" and the "sweet word" to grow within a community. The sacred medicines of Mambe & Ambil are used for this purpose. The Ambil, a paste made from tobacco and vegetable salt, is a key element in harmonizing and cleaning the environment. It clarifies the thoughts under the indigenous worldview, and provides the wisdom to extend spiritual and practical knowledge to the entire community. The Mambe, a powder made from coca leaves and Yarumo-tree ashes, complements to externalize through the word the internal state the Ambil has prepared, it also carries the feminine sweetness that produces wisdom through words.


The live beats from Rob Garza of Thievery corporation will propel guests through a physical, emotional, and mental journey unlike any other. Rooted in deep yogic tradition but delivered in a contemporary way, Donovan will use music, breath, kundalini, mantra, meditation, and movement to amplify the best parts of you. Guests will embark on a deeply therapeutic ride that feels like a celebration while building a strong body, powerful energy, and mental clarity. Imagination, vision, and emotion are merged with physicality to unleash creativity and magnetize future realities. Guests are encouraged to move courageously beyond perceived limitations into the space of expansion, growth, and full authenticity. This complimentary experience will deepen connections with others and send us sailing with high vibrations into all of the evening's magical activities.


Ondalinda offers both private house and beachside massages for you to enjoy. Treatments include Deep Tissue and Swedish.


Water activities - including paddle-boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling are available to guests. Private coastal boat tours are also available for groups who wish to take an excursion on sea.